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Warranty Application

1.  The Mid-Lite Insulating Glass Warranty will be considered void under any of the following circumstances:

  • If the unit has not been stored and/or installed according to Mid-American Glass glazing instructions;
  • If the unit is installed in a glazing pocket that has been found to hold water or if the unit has been subject to prolonged exposure to excessive moisture (including but not limited to such areas as swimming pool enclosures or greenhouses);
  • If shades, blinds, films, or other foreign matter are placed on or near the surface of a unit in a manner not approved in writing by Mid-American Glass;
  • If the unit is subject to excessive vibration;
  • If the unit is installed in a non-approved sloped glazing (defined as greater than 15 degrees off vertical plane) application; or,
  • If the unit defect is caused by or deemed to be glass breakage or other damage.

2.  Compatibility of Mid-Lite Insulating Glass sealants with glazing sealants or other glazing system components is the responsibility of the glazing contractor. Use of acetoxy silicones or solvent-based materials in a Mid-Lite installation may cause premature failure of the unit. For your assistance in choosing an appropriate glazing sealant, please consult our Sealant Compatibility Chart. Failure to use a Mid-American Glass approved sealant may void the Mid-Lite IG warranty.

3.  Mid-Lite Insulating Glass is not to be used in any stop-less glazing application or application where all sides of the unit are not structurally supported (i.e. butt-glazed) unless pre-approved by Mid-American Glass in writing. Failure to obtain prior approval in writing may void the Mid-Lite IG warranty.

4.  Mid-American Glass takes great care to insure your Mid-Lite IG unit arrives at it’s destination free of any external defects, including scratches, digs, clams, or rub marks. We cannot be responsible for any damage to the insulating glass unit after it has been received and signed for by our Mid-Lite customer. When inspecting Mid-Lite IGU for external defects, ASTM C1036 criteria will apply.

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