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Mid-Lite Insulating Glass

Mid-American Glass fabricates Mid-Lite Insulating Glass to achieve optimum durability over the wide range of glazing challenges faced by today’s glazing professional. Whether the application is residential or commercial, MAG provides the combination of design aesthetics and performance characteristics to maximize your opportunity for a successful and long lasting glazing installation.

Glazing Combinations: Mid-American Glass provides glazing combinations that cover a variety of colors, glass types, patterns, and performance characteristics.

Certification: Mid-Lite Dual Sealed Insulating Glass Units are certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) to conform to ASTM E2190. Our participation in the IGCC program insures Mid-Lite customers that our product conforms to the highest standards in the insulating glass industry as demonstrated by periodic testing of our units and verification of our quality control procedures.

Unit Construction: Our combination of polyisobutylene primary sealant and Delchem D2000® reactive hot melt secondary seal provides the optimum moisture vapor and gas permeance barrier available to reduce the risk of unit failure over the entire range of glazing applications.

Aluminum spacer in mill finish is the Mid-Lite standard. We offer bronze or black spacer as available options, and spacer painted to match your design application is available upon request. MAG also provides Edgetech Super Spacer® where unit construction requires a flexible spacer or warm edge technology.

Muntins: Internal muntins are an available option with Mid-Lite IGU. Our standard muntin is a flat bar design, 3/16” x 5/8”. Standard colors in stock at MAG include white, bronze, black, tan, champagne, green, and mill finish, with custom colors available upon request.

Both 3/16” x 3/4”and 3/16” x 1” contour muntins in white finish are in stock for use in Mid-Lite IGU. These specialty muntins are also available in a wide range of finishes to match any design specifications.

Mid-American Glass is capable of fabricating our muntins in a variety of shapes and design patterns. Colonial style represents our standard configuration where muntins are equally spaced within the insulating glass unit. Prairie style and other offset muntin placements are common alternatives. Diamond style muntins and radiused or sunburst designs are also fabricated into Mid-Lite IGU.

Gas Filling: Mid-American Glass offers argon gas-filling of it’s insulating glass units for greater thermal performance.

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